Pre-Pitched Tents at Energia24 (Victoria Park, Belfast)

We're delighted to be pitching tents this week for energia24 athletes.  See below for the products that we're offering at this year's event.  We'll pitch our tents on the Saturday morning and start taking them down on Sunday at noon.
Note that we're planning to be at the event by 8am on Saturday and will start pitching, but renters should be sure to meet us there to make sure that they reserve space for their tent (we aren't directly affiliated with the event and can't pre-book space or pitches)

Pre-Pitched Two Person Camping Bundle (Rental at Energia24)


Pre-Pitched Four Person Camping Bundle (Rental for Energia24)


Comfy Camping Bed (Rental for Energia24)


30L Coolbag (Rental for Energia24)


Camping Chair (Rental for Energia24)


Camping Lantern (Rental for Energia24)


Earplugs (Purchase for Energia24)


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Remember to let us know if there are things that you'd like to see in our store.  

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