We've listed answers to the questions that we get asked most frequently.  If we've missed a question then please do get in touch!

How does the process work?

You can browse our website and choose to rent individual items or one of our pre-selected bundles for a selected period of time. You simply select the items that you want for the dates that you need the gear and add the items to your cart!

You pay online using paypal or credit card and also pay a bit extra as a security deposit (the amount depends on the order total and is credited back to the you once the gear has been returned and inspected).

Once you submit your order, we’ll order you with a confirmation email outlining specific details about gear pickup and dropoff. We're just 6 miles outside Belfast and close (approx 12 miles) to both airports.


Is it safe to pay online?  Do you store my credit card information on your site?

It is very safe to pay for your rentals on our site - we do not store your credit card details.

Our site is based on the Shopify - a platform that powers more than half a million businesses.  We allow people to pay for their rentals via either Paypal or credit card.

All credit card payments are processed via Shopify payments and information about Shopify’s PCI compliance can be found here: https://www.shopify.co.uk/pci-compliant


What if I need to cancel my rental?

It’s no problem if you need to cancel your rental.

  • If you cancel 30 days or more in advance of your pick-up date then we will refund you in full
  • If you cancel between 14 days and 29 days in advance of your pick-up date we will refund you 50%.
  • For cancellations within 14 days we’ll need charge you the full amount.  

We don’t have camping experience, will it be hard to put the tents in the DIY packages up and down?

No, in the interest of preserving matrimonial harmony across the country(!) we’ve purposefully selected tents that are easy to pitch and strike (put up and down).

Our smaller tents aren’t complicated and our larger tents are all inflatable tents, meaning that you don’t have to wrestle with which pole goes where!

Can I smoke in our rented tent?

NO, NO, NO!  Sorry, you cannot smoke inside the tent.  If you do smoke within the tent then you’ll be charged a fee to either cover the replacement of the tent or additional cleaning.

Can we bring our dog?

Hold that thought!  We’re huge dog fans ourselves and totally understand that doggie families want to bring their four legged friend.  We’re conscious though that not everyone loves dogs and that dogs can mean a lot of muddy paws, so we’ve got our thinking caps on.  

If you have ideas then feel free to message us.  We’re mulling the idea of a separate mini tent that your pooch could sleep in overnight.  

I don’t love insects - should I be worried about camping?

All of our tents have a sewn in groundsheet - this means that the base of the tent is completely attached to the upper part of the tent making it totally sealed and really difficult for bugs and insects to get in.  We’ve camped loads and never had an issue with insects!

Hmm...camping in Ireland...what about all the rain?

We’ll not lie….it does rain here….there’s no denying it.  

BUT….that same rain makes our landscape so green and beautiful.  It also allows us to grow our fabulous produce and rear our first class livestock.  So, actually, we’re thankful for the rain - we wouldn’t change it for the world!

In saying that, all of our tents cope really well with rain.  Every tent in our range has a hydrostatic head (HH) rating of at least 2000 and the larger tents have a HH rating of 4000 or more.  This means that each tent has been selected to deal well with rain. That, combined with the sewn in groundsheet means that you don’t need to worry about downpours!.



Can you recommend some campsites?

Yes - watch this space!!

We’re really lucky that Northern Ireland has so many top notch campsites in such fantastic locations.  We’ll be highlighting some of these sites over the coming months - it’ll be a case of quality over quantity….we’ll just spotlight the sites that we REALLY LOVE.

I’m not sure about renting gear that other people have used! How do you clean it!

We’re TOTALLY on board with the fact that campers don’t want to rent icky gear (gross!!) - that’s why we clean things really thoroughly been each use.   You can be sure that anything that you rent will be spick and span!

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