Terms and Conditions

explore54 rentals are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Start Date

Your start date is the day you need your equipment. At this time we do not offer a shipping service so the start date equates to the day that you pick your equipment up from us.  

Return Date

This is the day you must drop the gear back off with us.  You can choose to drop it off earlier but don’t drop it off any later than the return date.  Just as we rented the gear to you, we’ll have promised to rent it to other people and we don’t want to be late.  If for some reason you drop the gear back late, we’ll charge you a daily fee equivalent to the weekend rate divided by three.  After three days we'll consider the gear lost and additional fees will apply.



All gear must be clean (brushed out so that it doesn’t contain dirt) and dry (meaning dry). Packing a tent away when wet and not drying it out  vastly increases the risk of mould and mildew.  Both these things make tents sad so please don’t do it. If you don’t return gear clean and dry, we will charge you an additional fee.

If wet gear is unavoidable e.g. you've taken the tent down in the rain on the same day as you are returning it to us then just let us know.


Damaged Gear

We expect a normal level of wear that comes wit usage.  That in mind, rips, tears, stains, missing parts, burn holes and dents are all things that we will charge you for.


Lost or Stolen Gear

When you rent gear from us it is your responsibility to get it back to us. If we don’t get it back, we will need to charge you.


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel 30 days or more in advance of your pick-up date then we won’t charge you.

If you cancel between 14 days and 29 days in advance of your pick-up date or ship date, we will charge you 50%.

For cancellations within 14 days we’ll charge you the full amount.  

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather in Ireland and so can't refund you on your gear if you cancel on the grounds of weather.


Security Deposit

We’ll add a security deposit to your order.  This will be refunded upon return of the gear and subsequent inspection by us.  Should there be an issue, we contact you and outline the costs that will be incurred.

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