Why Rent From Explore54?

Our mission is to get more people out camping - enjoying the open air and camaraderie on our campsites!

There are some great reasons to rent from us rather than buy:

  • Save money - You can get out camping without spending a fortune on the various bits of kit that you'd require.  If you enjoy the camping then you'll have a much better feel for the kit you'll need to buy. If you don't fancy camping (unlikely!) then at least you aren't out a small fortune on gear that will lie in your garage (the prospect of sad tents lying, unloved, in garages keeps us up at night!!)
  • Save hassle - we offer pre-pitched options meaning that we do all the hard work!
  • Avoid lugging gear on plane and airports.  If you're flying in from abroad and want to camp around our beautiful country then you  can avoid lugging your gear onto planes.  You can opt for a pre-picthed tent or can opt to rent specific items and pick your gear up once you land and drop it off before you leave - avoiding luggage costs and the hassle of carrying it through airports.  We're close to both Belfast airports - less than 12 miles from Belfast International Airport and just over 12.5 miles from the Belfast City Airport
  • Environmentally friendly - We live in a world where people have money to just buy more and more and companies manufacture more and more.  We genuinely love the idea of a tent getting used by all different types of people for all different types of trips.  If we were tents then this is the life we'd want :-)
  • Quality gear - we only rent out high quality camping gear.  We do know that it's possible for people to go and buy a £20 tent....BUT....in our eyes that is a waste of money.  It won't stand up to any use at all and you'll likely get soaked!  If you're not sure whether you'll like camping - then better to give it a go with our high quality gear first and then invest money later in something that will actually work for you.




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